4610'4.72"N, 846'1.30"E, 2023

The school complex "Scuole Medie Losone", built by architect Livio Vacchini between 1973 and 1975 stands in a large, partially urbanised area outside the built-up area.The educational block consists of four separate elements, four units on three levels and connected only on the ground floor, where arcades define the vast paved cloister. The structure is entirely made of metal, consisting of normal tubes and profiles that are bolted and assembled with neoprene joints. The slabs are made of trapezoidal sheet metal while the waterproofing of the roof is traditional. The external curtain walls are made of white thermo-lacquered metal panels, insulated with polystyrene-based material. The windows and doors are made of steel and glass.

Lambda print 100 x 90 cm, also available as variable size archival inkjet print, edition of 12, price information on request.

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