Liebestöter / Lovekillers, 2015

The series was created in spring 2015 as a critical statement after the attacks on the editorial offices of "Charlie Hebdo" and thematises 9 mm pistol bullets deformed by the impact as event objects, which are shifted from their originally objective, forensic aesthetics, into the domain of subjective interpretations through digital image processing and the lack of a reference background. Deceptively sweet associations are suggested with harmless, ordinary everyday objects, lipsticks or even utilitarian objects from the realm of eroticism, which remove the perception of the dangerousness and ultimately deadly effect and purpose of the projectiles depicted from direct consciousness.

A selection of the pictures was presented for the first time at the international photo fair "Paris Photo" in Paris on the day of the terrorist attacks of 13 November 2015, a twist of fate that unfortunately reinforced the message in an unintentionally tragic way.

Lambda prints, 55x55 cm, edition of 12. Represented by Galerie Artef, Zurich.

All contents © Roberto Raineri-Seith | Prolitteris Zurich