Krinein online magazine, 2013-2015

Born from the collaboration between Shanti Maffioli (editor and head of graphic design) and me as curator, Krinein was a online review dedicated exclusively to swiss auteur projects from the high segment of classic and contemporary photography. In relation to photography as an art form, the magazine re-proposed in portfolio form the work of authors mainly from Italian-speaking Switzerland whose production is (or has been) of primary importance both for the originality of their vision and for their conceptual approach, with the intention of creating a reference archive over time.

In the field of editorial photography, Krinein focused on the interpretation of places and themes of the territory that constitute identity, value and cultural memory, favouring and promoting an objective and direct representation of reality as free as possible of manipulations and artifices in digital post-production. Unfortunately, the project had to be abandoned after only two years due to lack of funding.

Published authors included Alberto Flammer, Stefania Beretta, Christian Tagliavini, Reto Rigassi, Gian Paolo Minelli, Piritta Martikainen, Marco D'Anna and Fausto Gerevini.

All contents © Roberto Raineri-Seith | Prolitteris Zurich