Imago Lucis gallery, 2022

Imago Lucis was a small gallery for traditional fine art photography created and run by me in the heart of the historic centre of Locarno. The focus was on the work of both established and emerging authors whose production is linked to the classic tradition of photography, entirely analogue or making a purely corrective or interpretative use of digital within the limits of what was possible in the chemical darkroom. A conservative choice that did not stand solely as an alternative to the digital mainstream and its widespread kitsch drifts or as a "cunning" adherence to the current hype of neo-analogue, but also and above all as a passionate recovery of modes, techniques and expressive choices that privilege a classic aesthetic approach and an intimist, almost private vision of the proposed authors.

The space's annual programme included permanent exhibitions of 'resident' or represented authors alternating with solo and group exhibitions of established or emerging artists in line with the gallery's vision and mission. After a little less than a year of activity, however, i realised that this commitment was by no means matched by a reality in which there was not sufficient critical mass to justify it in a gratifying manner, so the project was abandoned without ruling out the possibility of it being resumed in another form in the future.

All contents © Roberto Raineri-Seith | Prolitteris Zurich