Commissioned work (a selection)

Beside the organisation of events and exhibitions in the field of art projects and communication, commercial work (discontinued in 2009 to concentrate solely on my work as an author) focused on architecture and interiors, environmental documentation and art documentation / reproduction photography mostly in a cultural context. The workflow was both digital [PhaseOne 4x5" scanbacks and P-series backs] and analog with medium and large format cameras.

Works for major institutions included commissions by the Galleria Gottardo Foundation in Lugano ["Bing Bang, Clik-Clak, Tric&Trac, Brum Brum - Giocattoli dall'era industriale, 2 collezioni private", exhibition catalogue, ISBN 88-86455-24]; Skira Art Books in Milano ["Antoni Tąpies 1998", exhibition catalogue, ISBN 88-8118-421-4]; Eternit AG, Niederurnen; EY / Ernst & Young; Schindler Elettronica; the Gruppo Architettura SIA Ticino ["Nuovi spazi urbani", a series of architectural images on the topic "new urban spaces", 1999]; "L'Onsernone degli uomini e della natura", catalogue and exhibition Stadthaus Zürich, 2002; "Refigurations", a digital imaging adv project for Bracco International, Amsterdam, and also works for various private swiss artists and collectors.

Bing Bang, Clik-Clak, Tric&Trac, Brum Brum - Giocattoli dall'era industriale. Exhibition catalogue, Galleria Gottardo, Lugano. Graphic design by Alberto Bianda SGD, 1998. 96 pp. ISBN 88-86455-24.


Galleria Gottardo 1989-1999. Exhibition catalogue and promo. Graphic design by Alberto Bianda SGD. 263 pp. ISBN 88-86455-19-4.


Antoni Tąpies, Skira Art Books, exhibition catalogue, 1998. 400 pp. ISBN 88-8118-421-4.


Nuovi spazi urbani, a public evening at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio, 2000.


Architecture photography for the publication "Ad Hoc" by Eternit, 1999.

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