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Beside the organisation of events and exhibitions in the field of art projects and communication, commercial work, now discontinued, focused, almost exclusively in a cultural context, on architecture and interiors, environmental documentation and art documentation / reproduction photography. The workflow was both digital [PhaseOne 4x5" scanback] and analog with medium and large format cameras. Works for major institutions included commissions by the Galleria Gottardo Foundation in Lugano ["Bing Bang, Clik-Clak, Tric&Trac, Brum Brum - Giocattoli dall'era industriale, 2 collezioni private", exhibition catalogue, ISBN 88-86455-24]; Skira Art Books in Milano ["Antoni Tąpies 1998", exhibition catalogue, ISBN 88-8118-421-4]; Eternit AG, Niederurnen; EY / Ernst & Young; Schindler Elettronica; the Gruppo Architettura SIA Ticino ["Nuovi spazi urbani", a series of architectural images on the topic "new urban spaces", 1999]; "L'Onsernone degli uomini e della natura", catalogue and exhibition Stadthaus Zürich, 2002; "Refigurations", a digital imaging adv project for Bracco International, Amsterdam, and also works for various private swiss artists and collectors.



Galleria Gottardo 1989-1999. Exhibition catalogue and promo. Graphic design by Alberto Bianda SGD. 263 pp. ISBN 88-86455-19-4

      Bing Bang, Clik-Clak, Tric&Trac, Brum Brum - Giocattoli dall'era industriale. Exhibition catalogue, Galleria Gottardo, Lugano. Graphic design by Alberto Bianda SGD, 1998. 96 pp. ISBN 88-86455-24       Antoni Tąpies, Skira Art Books, exhibition catalogue, 1998. 400 pp. ISBN 88-8118-421-4       7 fotografi SBF fra tradizione e contemporaneitą, Museo comunale, Biasca, 2006. Exhibition curator and catalogue design, 2006. ISBN 88-87278-70-9       L'Onsernone degli uomini e della natura, exhibition catalogue, Museo Onsernonese / Stadthaus Zürich, 2002       Nuovi spazi urbani, public evening at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio, 2000       Art reproduction work for various institutional and private collections and / or artists