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Roberto Raineri-Seith lives in Ascona, southern Switzerland, and Sardinia. Honorary member and former president (2003-2011) of the Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers Association SBF, until 2011 he also was a member of the directive boards of the Büro für Fotografiegeschichte Bern and the swiss photo design education www.fotodesign.ch. Solo and group exhibitions with acquisitions by various public and private collections. "1. Prize of Photography 1994" of the Swiss Italian Fine Arts Society STBA. Since the 1980s he also acts as an experimental electronic music composer and field recording artist with the project controlvoltage.org and from 1987 until 1991 he was art director of the contemporary music series "L'Altro Suono". In the past he also worked as a professional editor and writer and as an event and exhibition organiser in the artistic and cultural field. As a freelance journalist he collaborated with various daily papers and periodicals of Italian Switzerland and published the books "Il luogo che non c'è" (Casagrande, 1997) and "Ticino graffiti" (Pedrazzini, 1992).

Roberto Raineri-Seith, P.O. Box 404, CH-6601 Locarno / Switzerland

raineriseith [at] bluewin [dot] ch

Mobile +41 [0]79 403 16 00

Instagram: raineriseithphotography


Photograph © Reza Khatir, 2003.