L'Altro Suono, 1988-1991

"L'Altro Suono" was an experimental electronic and electroacoustic music festival I curated from 1989 to 1991. It took place at ETAL in Ascona (now Teatro del Gatto) in 1988 and later in Locarno at the Biblioteca Cantonale, at the Teatro Paravento and in the cloister of the former Scuola Magistrale (now SUPSI).

It has hosted, among others, the groups Unknownmix, Nachluft (Andres Bosshard, Günther Müller, Jacques Widmer), Voice Crack (Andi Guhl, Norbert Möslang, Knut Remond), MNOS Project (Ernst Thoma, Claudia Rüegger), The Electric Noise Twist, Séance, Karl ein Karl, the Actis Dato Jazz Quartet, the Nordland as well as local artists such as Guy Bettini and myself with the WUR project.

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