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Roberto Raineri-Seith is a German-Swiss author living in Ascona, southern Switzerland, and Sardinia, expressing himself with a transmedia approach crossing electronic music produced with vintage analog instruments, field recording, photography and writing. His musical productions date back to the 1980s and the early recorded outputs, initially released as "WUR", usually get lumped with the noise - industrial scene, while the current work is filtered through a Krautrock / dark ambient attitude, reminding more on artists like Conrad Schnitzler or early Kraftwerk.

Although this part of his work is now rather marginal, in the field of photography his artwork fits into the tradition of the New Objectivity and is mainly related to still life and environmental interpretation projects. Characterised by a strong graphic and aesthetic imprint whose formal strenght is often combined with a flavour for experimentation and a pronounced conceptuality, it is represented by the galleries ArteF, Zurich, and Cons Arc, Chiasso. Honorary member and former president (2003-2011) of the Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers Association SBF, until 2011 he has also been a member of the directive boards of the Büro für Fotografiegeschichte Bern and the swiss photo design education www.fotodesign.ch. Works in various private and public collections including the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, the MASI Lugano and the Rolla Foundation. “1. Prize of Photography 1994” of the Swiss Italian Fine Arts Society STBA.

From 1987 until 1991 he was art director of the contemporary music series "L'Altro Suono" and in the past he also worked as a professional editor and writer and as an event and exhibition organiser in the artistic and cultural field. As a freelance journalist he has collaborated with various daily papers and periodicals of Italian Switzerland and published the books "Il luogo che non c'è" (Casagrande, 1997) and "Ticino graffiti" (Pedrazzini, 1992). 2).


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